Expand your mental health toolkit with our clinically-informed guided journaling program!

Create Lasting Personal Change

6-Month Emotional Wellness Journey

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, backed by behavioral science, and enriched by a beautifully crafted physical journal for each month.

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Your Journey, Explained

24 science-backed tools + 6-month practice = lasting personal insight, healing, & growth

Build Unshakeable Confidence

Get a clinically-informed plan to help you connect with your inner self and enhance your emotional wellbeing in just 15-MINUTES a day.

Practice Loving Self-Compassion

Learn to pause and reflect on your thoughts WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed by your own judgment or self-doubt.

Relax and Restore Your Nervous System

Utilize the tips and tools in the program to unlock your true potential and lead a more fulfilling life.

Discover a Proven Plan to Uncover Your Core Values and Enhance Your Emotional Well-Being Today

Discover a Proven Plan to Uncover Your Core Values and Enhance Your Emotional Well-Being Today

In this comprehensive self-guided program, we have meticulously curated a series of lessons, guided meditations, and focused journaling prompts that will take you on an exploration of your inner self.

How It Works

Our Mission

Wave of Mind was created to make the most transformational mental health tools more accessible, actionable, and effective.

Everyone deserves to live in the knowing that they are capable of working through any challenge AND have the skills necessary to align their goals and behavior with their core values. Our Emotional Wellness Journey offers the content, structure, and methodology you need to make your ideal state of wellbeing a reality.

Meet the Founder


We created Wave of Mind to help you help yourself actively train your mind! I've personally experienced the debilitating effects of anxiety and depression and the healing power of self-discovery through the consistent practice of the skills taught and reinforced through our 6-Month Emotional Wellness Journey. I invite you to try Wave of Mind to increase your self-awareness, strengthen your self-compassion, and build the life you most want!

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